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chris t cornelius (oneida)

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Indian Community School of Milwaukee

Franklin, Wisconsin

Indian Community School, Inc.

Four Corners Benches
Material: Solid Hard Maple

Within the space called "Place of Nations" is this furniture cluster to acknowledge the importance of the Four Corners within the U.S. landscape. The seating is designed to reflect the landforms of the southwest; the mountain, mesa and mound. The four mountain pieces signify the four sacred mountains that surround the place where the indigenous people of this area believe the world began -- an "axis mundi".

Executive Credenza
Material: Ebonized Oak

This is a credenza for the executive office for the CEO of the Indian Community School of Milwaukee. The drawer faces are faceted, much like a geological formation.

four corners - tree column detail
four corners benches
four corners - mountain
four corners - mesa
four corners - mound
four corners - mountain, mesa & mound
four corners - rhino model
four corners - process sketch
executive credenza
executive credenza - render
executive credenza - render
executive credenza - process sketch