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chris t cornelius (oneida)

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Oneida Community Library Addition
Oneida, Wisconsin

Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin
While employed at Hammel, Green and Abrahamson, Inc.

This project is the addition of 2,200 square feet to be utilized as a children’s area at the Oneida Community Library.

The Native American culture is one that is traditionally passed from generation to generation through oral tradition. The values and history of a nation are conveyed through the vehicle of stories. The story-telling area of the new addition is contained within the tower to pronounce the importance of the story telling ritual. Light floods the space during the daytime hours while the stories are being told. At night the illumination comes from within the tower to act as a lantern to the community. The tower also reinforces the prominence of the library in the community as a repository of Oneida culture. Concrete block is used to connect the addition to the existing library and cedar clapboard siding is used to reflect the context of the residential setting in which the building is situated. Both of these materials have textures that invite contact by the children.